What to Understand About Your Moving Estimate

After the moving company’s representative meets with you and provides the estimate for Estimateyour move it’s important that you understand it.

Local move estimates:

Here at the Lincoln Moving & Storage Co., as well as many other companies, our local estimates are just that – estimates. This means you are provided with the time your move is estimated to take as well as the total price you are estimated to incur, but the final charges for your move will be based on the actual time worked, packing materials used, etc and may differ from your estimate.

Long distance estimates:

We provide three different kinds of long distance estimates: binding, non-binding, and not to exceed.

  • A binding estimate is an agreed upon price between the shipper and carrier decided prior to the move and based on the items surveyed and services discussed.
  • A non-binding estimate means that final charges will be based on actual weight of the shipment and services provided, not the estimate price provided during the survey.
  • A not to exceed estimate means that final charges will not be more than the agreed upon price based on items surveyed and services discussed, but charges may be less if actual weight of the shipment is less than estimated.

Important information to keep in mind: 

The estimate is only as good as what you accurately show the representative. When walking through your home make sure to point out what needs moved and what does not need moved. Also make sure to open cabinets, closets, etc so that they can estimate the number of boxes that need packed or moved.

If changes are being made then let the movers know as that will effect the scope of work and the estimate. For example, if you show them 4 rooms and then later decide that you want 7 rooms moved then your estimate will change. Or, if you originally plan to move all boxes yourself and later decide not to move the boxes then let the movers know.

Just because you are being provided an estimate does not mean that your move is booked with the moving company. If you are unsure as to whether your move is booked or not then make sure you ask ASAP; moving companies book dates quickly so if you wait long you may not be able to get your preferred move date(s).

The estimate typically only includes the minimum valuation which comes at no charge to you. If you are going to purchase additional valuation then you would have to add that cost onto your estimate.

If you are having somebody meet the representative for you then make sure they know what all needs packed and moved and can provide that information to the representative.

Give The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. a call to schedule your free in-home survey!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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