Planning a Move Into New Construction

Building a new home is exciting, congratulations! When planning a move into new constructionnew construction there are a few important points to keep in mind.

Check out the model homes from your builder, and ask how your home will compare to the model and get dimensions for doorways, stairs, etc.  This information will help you decide what you want to bring to your new home and what you want to get rid of before the move. If you have any narrow openings or hallways let your mover know so they can be prepared. If you have any over-sized furniture also check to make sure it will fit through those areas.

When putting your current home on the market it’s best to have a back up plan of where you’ll temporarily stay if you need to be out before your new house is move-in ready. This could be a hotel, friend or family members house, apartment, etc. You’ll also likely need somewhere to store your belongings, but bring your clothes with you along with anything you would need in the meantime.

When your move day rolls around you may not have a driveway yet, or if it’s been recently poured it may be too early for a truck to park on it. If this is the case then let your mover know so they can plan accordingly.

The address may not be recognized on GPS or a map yet, especially if it’s a new road. If so, make sure you provide detailed instructions on how to find the new home because the movers can’t follow you in a moving truck. Keep your phone with you and make sure they know your cellphone number in case they need to contact you.

Your floors will be brand new along with the rest of your house so you’ll want to use extra caution when moving in, so ask your mover about any floor protection that they can bring for the move.

Stay in communication with the builder and your mover. If your home won’t be ready until later than planned make sure to tell your mover so you can make the appropriate changes to your move date. Sometimes there are delays with construction so make sure you are kept aware of any changes to your planned time table.

Make sure you start calling movers and getting estimates sooner rather than later for a better chance of getting your desired move date(s). Call The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. today to schedule your free in-home survey!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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