Spring Cleaning Your Home

You know how it goes, spring comes around and everybody starts cleaning. Since you’re going all out anyway make sure to empty everything out of your cabinets, dressers, etc. to clean them out, and use this opportunity to clear out anything that’s no longer needed or wanted. Whether it’s food, clothes, linens, etc. there are many great causes these can be donated to. For more information on one of these great causes be sure to check out Lincoln Moving + Move For Hunger. While weeding through your clothes don’t forget your closets; leave no space untouched during this year’s spring cleaning!

This can also be a great time to do any redecorating and reorganizing you’ve been putting off. Maybe there’s items you’ve been pushing out of the way because you have nowhere to put them, but spring cleaning gives you the perfect opportunity to give those away if they’re no longer needed or wanted. Whether that’s to family, friends, a charity, etc., just know that The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. can help you move these items out if needed.

I know it may be tempting but try not to “clean” everything by moving it into the basement, garage, attic, closet, etc. Sure it may work for now but when you go to clean that area at a later date, perhaps because you’re moving, you don’t want to leave yourself with even more work to do then. You’re on a roll now, just keep going and you can do it all! If you truly want to store it for now then use this opportunity to clean out your storage area also. You never know, you may have reached the point in time when you’re ready to get rid of some of those items. If you don’t have a storage area yet and are in the market for one give us a call, we’d love to give you our information!

With any luck you will have picked a nice week or weekend so you can open all the cleaners new
windows and let the fresh air in…and cleaners scent out. Last but not least make sure you aren’t mixing any cleaning supplies that could potentially knock you out….hope I didn’t add this in too late! Happy spring cleaning from all of us here at The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co.!

216.741.5500   OR   samantha@lincoln-parma.com

Author: Samantha Barkley


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