Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Your garage is a great storage area but when there’s no order it becomes hard to findgarage organization what you’re looking for. Adding organization to your storage will make it easier to find items and give you more space. Below are some ideas for organizing your garage; many of these are DIY but there’s also many storage products that you can buy.

Chairs. Lawn chairs can be stored by placing them on a shelf and holding them in place with a bungee cord. Large hooks or scrap wood brackets can be used to hang folding chairs.

Cordless tools. You can make and hang up a handy charging and storage station for your cordless tools to keep them all together.

Folding work table. It’s great to have a sturdy work table in your garage, what’s even better is when you can fold it back against the wall for storage. This set up could seem similar to a murphy bed set up.

Small items. Put up a peg wall or slatwall section so you can add small baskets and racks to hang your smaller items such as tape, nails, screws, etc.

Totes. Shelves, cabinets or maybe even ceiling racks can be used to store totes. Plastic totes are best to use because they’re sturdier than boxes. You can also label them so that you can easily find what you’re looking for without opening every tote.

Yard tools. PVC pipe storage can be used for long handled tools such as rake, shovel, hoe, etc. This solution will help to keep these items from taking up as much floor space. You can also turn an old filing cabinet, trash can, etc. into a storage area for these items. A wooden shovel rack allows you to hang your tools and keep them up high while leaving the handle easily accessible.

A recurring theme in these ideas is taking advantage of your vertical space. There’s plenty of space along and up your walls and the best way to take advantage of it and leave room for oh I don’t know…your car, is to use the vertical space and leave more ground space available.

Check out our Pinterest board, Garage Organization, for some of these tips and more!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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