Tips For Moving in the Rain

While it may not be opportune to move in the rain you don’t always have the option to rainwait for another day. If you aren’t able to wait then start by moving the items that are protected with plastic and maybe the rain will let up some before you start moving the more delicate items. Below are some tips to help you get through a rainy moving day.

Use plastic totes. Boxes may become compromised when wet so it’s recommended to use plastic totes when you can.

Cover items. Cover items with plastic wrap or something similar to help protect from water damage. You can also use trash bags to wrap some items up for added protection from the rain. Blankets can also be used to wrap your belongings before placing the plastic covering over top.

Park close. Get the back of the truck as close to the door as possible to limit the amount of rain exposure.

Divide and conquer. If you have a large group helping you move then have some people stay inside to move the items closer to the door for those who are carrying them out to the truck. This could help limit the amount of water and dirt being tracked through the homes.

Remove excess water. Have towels on hand in the truck and in the new home to wipe off excess water when needed.

Use caution. Be aware that walkways, ramps, trucks, etc will become slippery due to rain so use items such as cardboard or old rugs when possible to help prevent falling. Do not put plastic on the ground as it will become slick and dangerous. It’s recommended to wear shoes with a better grip also.

Another option is to hire professional movers whether it be rain or shine. Call us at Parma Movers, Inc. today to schedule your free in-home survey!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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