Tips for Packing Your Garage

There’s a lot that goes into packing for a move, but packing your garage comes with it’sgarage packing box own set of challenges. You will want to make sure you start packing plenty early so you aren’t rushed for time as your move grows closer. There are many different sized items that won’t fit in a box and many small items you don’t want to lose, so how should you go about packing your garage?

Hazardous materials. Make sure you aren’t packing items that can’t be placed on the moving truck, such as flammables and explosives. For more information check out Can I Move This?

Large tools. Items such as rakes, hoes, snow shovels, or anything with a long handle won’t fit in a box. Instead, you will want to bundle all these items together in a blanket or similar item and secure it with a rope, duct tape, etc.

Lawn equipment. Lawn mowers, snow blowers, etc. don’t actually get packed in boxes but you still need to prep them. If hiring a moving company, you’ll have to remove propane tanks and drain all gas out of the items before they can be placed on the truck. This also applies to grills; they can be moved once the propane tank has been removed.  Also make sure oil won’t leak out of any tools if turned.

Shelving. Have storage units broken down flat if possible because individual pieces aren’t as heavy and won’t require as much maneuvering.

Small tools. Pack smaller tools in garbage cans because they’re sturdy and you’ll likely move them anyways so take advantage of the space. Smaller items like nails and screws can go into smaller cartons so they’re easier to find. Pack small heavy tools in small boxes so the boxes don’t weigh too much.

Toolboxes. You may be able to move your toolbox without removing the contents but you’ll want to take the size and weight into consideration. If moving it full make sure the drawers are secured (locked if possible) so they won’t open during transport.

Many items in your garage won’t fit in boxes and for these items it’s best to use pads. Moving companies often have their own moving pads they’ll use to wrap your items during transport. However, if you’re moving yourself and don’t have moving pads you can also use old blankets or towels.

The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. is a full service moving company, meaning we offer packing services also, so if you’d rather leave it to the movers then give us a call today for your free in-home survey!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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