Reuse Your Moving Boxes This Halloween

You just moved into your new home, windows open, loving the fresh fall air, Lincoln halloweenand surrounded by empty boxes. That last part can spoil your mood, even on a day like that. On top of that it’s time to find Halloween costumes and decorate the house. We have good news! Those empty boxes you now have from your move can be put to use! Check out the links below for some costume and decoration ideas.


Lego – This is an easy costume for all ages!

Tetris – A great idea for a group or as a couple.

Minecraft Heads – Great for all those Minecraft fans out there.

Mario Kart – Another great group idea for all ages! Check out the links for making your kart…the clothing is up to your creation!

You can go all out and make this box …

…OR you can keep it simple and decorate your box…


Haunted House – The kids would love these!

Gravestone -This is a typical Halloween decoration made simple.

Monster House Windows – You can make such a variety of monsters with this idea.

Fanged Monster – They used foam boards but you can also use those moving boxes!

I just scratched the surface with the costume ideas so you have plenty more to choose from! Happy Halloween!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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