8 Movies to Watch When Moving With Kids

Movies NewMoving can be stressful, especially for kids. They may worry about being the new kid in school and making new friends. One way to help prepare them could be to watch movies where moving is involved. Not only can this help show them it will all work out but can also be a good reason to have relaxing family movie nights. Below is a list of some recommended movies.

Because of Winn-Dixie. New to town, Opal finds herself lonely and missing her friends until she finds a fun loving dog who helps her meet new people and even mend her relationship with her father. This is a great reminder that yourself and your kids might end up finding new friends where they least expect it, and that moving to a new home could be a chance to mend struggling relationships.

Casper.  Kat and her father move into a new house that’s haunted by ghosts. While she makes a friend in Casper the friendly ghost, the other ghosts, Casper’s uncles, are not as friendly and need help moving on. Sometimes the previous tenants aren’t ready to move on, even after you move in.

Cheaper By The Dozen. If this large family can handle a move and getting acclimated with a new school and new friends then anybody can! Even if there’s tension in the family, you can get through it together and come out even stronger. About 18 minutes into the movie you’ll even see a Bekins Van Lines truck parked in their driveway. As an Interstate Agent for Bekins Van Lines, we find this scene especially great!

Goosebumps. After moving to a new city, Zach has a hard time adjusting until he ends up meeting new friends. During their crazy adventures he realizes he’ll be happy in his new home and with his new friends. Like Zach, your kids will meet new friends, it’ll just take time and they’ll have to be open to it. Having their new friends show them their favorite spots is also a great way to explore the area.

High School Musical. When moving to a new school it’s important for kids to be themselves. Gabriella started in a new school and joined a club she already liked but also branched out and found another activity she enjoyed. The kids could take advantage of being new to the area and try something they’ve been interested in. Not only can this help them adjust easier by keeping busy but is also another opportunity to make new friends.

Hocus Pocus. While it’s not expected to find witches in your new city like Max did, this fun movie reminds everybody that moving provides you the opportunity to go out, explore, find and learn new things and make new friends!

Inside Out. When Riley and her parents move to a new home and city she has a hard time adjusting. This movie can give insight on how to handle their emotions during the move (or anytime) and to work through it so they can end up enjoying your new home.

The Sandlot. After Smalls moves into his new home he feels lonely until he meets some kids on a baseball team. Smalls joins them and winds up with a new group of friends. This is a great reminder to kids that even if there’s already groups at their new schools they can still make friends with them.

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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