Tips For Moving Your College Student

As the start of the semester grows near, you or your student will need to plan the movecollege3 onto campus. Whether or not you’re hiring a mover (p.s. The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. is great!), you will still want to plan well in advance, especially if it requires moving interstate. Below are some thoughts to keep in mind for the move onto campus:

Avoid unnecessary duplicates. Check with your roommate on who’s bringing what items, if allowed, such as mini fridge, couch, microwave, printers, etc. There’s not much space in the rooms to start with; you don’t want to make it worse with over crowding if it can be avoided. Some of these items may not even be allowed so make sure to check that while planning what to bring.

Don’t forget the small items. In addition to the large items, you will need smaller items such as cleaning and bathroom supplies. Clothes and school supplies should be at the top of the list so hopefully you don’t forget those! If possible put the smaller items in plastic storage containers rather than boxes. You can then use the plastic containers for storage in the room throughout the semester(s).

Check the schedule of move in dates and times. Some campuses will have different days and times for move in based on name, building, etc.; there may also be different dates for new students vs. returning students. Also check on parking for unloading and then where you will need to move your car to once that has been completed. The more prepared you are to work with their schedule, the smoother the move will be. Another option is to check for early move in dates to try and beat the crowds.

Bring any tools that would be helpful, i.e. dollies. Move in day is a busy, crowded day and if you can bring everything to the room in one trip then you’re off to a great start!  Some campuses provide tools, such as bins, to help with unloading, so you can also check to see if your campus provides these; some also have crews there that can help move your belongings.

Plan well in advance. Especially if moving out of state for school, plan at least a month in advance as this is a longer process in general. Even if just moving locally, give yourself enough time to plan so the move goes as smooth as possible.

Here at The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co., we hope you find these tips useful and lead to a smooth move onto campus! For more information or to book your move give us a call!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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