Changing Your Address

Whether it’s a 1 bedroom apartment or a 6 bedroom home, moving is no smalladdress-changed feat. Even the most basic move includes much more than the simple pick up and go. One major step is informing everybody of your change of address. Most of this can be done online instead of waiting on the phone, often saving you time and resulting in a quicker update. Even better, some websites can help you change many of these at once.

First step:

Change of Address. Make sure this is done with the correct timing; you don’t want your mail being sent to the new home before you’re there. In the same respect you don’t want it sent to your old home after you leave. It’s best to fill out your change of address form with USPS as early as 30 days before your move; just choose the date that you will be at your new home and start receiving your mail.

Now, once you change your address, there’s quite a few places that need this updated information. I would recommend using a list to keep track of them all; you don’t want to miss any information or bills…although you may want to miss these you shouldn’t. This is not an all inclusive list and will vary for everyone but can at least get you looking in the right direction.

Doctors, vets, etc. If you’re moving to a new area all together you will need to find a new doctor, vet, dentist, etc and preferably before you need a last minute appointment. You want to know where to go in case of emergency. If you’re still able to go to your current providers, then inform them of your move over the phone, online, or in their office, depending on their policies.

Employer. If you’re moving for work then you’ll likely have to fill out some forms and if you’re staying at your same job you may need to update some.

Financial Institutes. This includes your bank, credit cards, loans, etc. They’ll need to be able to send you bills and important information.

Friends/Family. If you want them to be able to visit then they’ll need to know where to find you! This should be easy to do, next time you talk to them let them know where you’ve moved to.

Government agencies. This includes updating your drivers license, and agencies such as IRS, state elections office, Social Security, etc.

Insurance companies. Health, life, car, home, dental, the list goes on but it’s important that they all be updated.

Prescriptions. If you are no longer close to your old pharmacy make sure to switch your prescriptions to a pharmacy near you. If you get these in the mail then update your shipping info in plenty of time to receive them at your new address.

Schools. If yourself or your kids are going to any schools you will need to make them aware of any address changes, even if staying in the same school system.

Tags. Don’t forget to update your address on your animals’ tags.

Utilities, cable, phone, internet, etc. If you aren’t sure if you should cancel or transfer any of these then check out the options for the home you are moving to, you may be able to find a better option at your new location. You’ll probably want to start calling about 2-3 weeks prior to the move, you don’t know how long of a process this might be.

Of course in all this don’t forget about the move itself. Once you know that you’re moving give us a call to schedule your free in-home survey! The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. is here to help!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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