Making The Most of Your Small Spaces

Too much stuff and not enough space, or maybe you’re just tired of the clutter. Thatsearching_new seems to be a pretty common issue and many people have offered solutions! Below are some space saving, organization ideas; most of which can be done relatively cheap. Keep in mind these are only a few ideas and there are many more you can choose from!

  • Closets
  • Bathroom
    • This link has many ideas for small bathroom storage while adding decorative touches such as planters to store products, wine racks to hold your towels, etc. It also has hidden storage tricks for items such as hair styling tools and cleaning products.
  • Kitchens
    • Crowded counters? You can use an outdoor wall planter as a fruit basket!
    • There’s plenty of options for organizing within the cabinets also. Including using spice gripper clip strips to hang your spices on the inside or outside of your cabinet door, and using expandable kitchen cabinet shelves to take advantage of vertical storage space.
    • Use glass or plastic containers to store items such as sugars, flours, cereal, pasta, etc. The containers can often be stacked and labeling them will allow you to easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Living Room
    • If your collection of DVDs is taking up a lot of space, try this storage solution to free up more space by getting rid of the DVD cases!
    • Tables and ottomans with storage areas and TV stands with shelving space add decor to your room while doubling as storage solutions.

If you want a helping hand with your organizing, look into hiring a professional organizer. You may not realize how common they actually are; even just in Ohio you can find many professionals that handle a variety of organizational needs. As an associate member of the NAPO North Coast Ohio Chapter I can assure you there are many professional organizers that are ready to help! Check out to find your match. Not in that area, no problem! Check out to view all members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)!

Hopefully these ideas get your wheels turning! There are many storage and organization solutions, you just need to get creative. Most of these will even work in apartments because no remodeling would be needed!

If you’re planning a move before organizing your new home then give us a call, The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. is here to help!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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