Third Party Services

What are third party services? Pretty self explanatory really, any service provided bythird-part a third party, not the carrier or shipper.

When it comes to successfully completing your move, The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. uses third party services for a variety of needs. These can often be handled by either the shipper or third party, depending on the shipper’s preference. Proper preparation of these items lowers the risk of damage during transport. The below items can be moved once the disconnect and/or disassembly is completed. Upon final delivery the responsibility falls on the shipper or third party to connect and/or assemble the select items.

Appliances. Refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. Some may require additional preparation, such as securing loose parts, so be sure all is ready prior to the movers arrival. Water lines and gas lines are also not the responsibility of the carrier and need serviced by a third party.

Crates. Crating is sometimes needed for items that cannot fit in standard boxes and is commonly needed as a third party service. The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. typically makes the crates in-house, resulting in a lower rate.

Fitness equipment. Home gyms, ellipticals, etc. should be disassembled per the manufacturers instructions.

Flat Screen TV. Mounting and dismounting of TVs are not typically provided by the carrier. The TV’s original box is the best for packing but other boxes and protection can be used during the move.

Grandfather clocks. Weights and pendulums need removed prior to the move.

Playgrounds/outdoor equipment. Includes items such as trampolines, swing sets, etc. and needs properly disassembled prior to the movers arrival.

Pool tables. Our company is capable of transporting the pieces of the pool table once  it’s broken down. Make sure to mention whether it’s 1 or 3 piece slate as well as any stairs taken at all locations.

Sleep Number beds. Any furniture items with electrical components such as Sleep Number beds, massage chairs, etc need to be move ready prior to the movers arrival. If you’re unsure as to what this entails check the manufacturers instructions.

Standard bed frames, desks, and like items can be disassembled by our movers and reassembled by them. If the shipper disassembles the items themselves it’s the responsibility of the shipper to assemble them.

This is not an all inclusive list; to find out if third party services are needed mention any potential items at the time of your survey. This will allow the estimator to provide you with pricing and will help lessen the chance of surprises on moving day. If using a third party, check with your mover to find out if you need to schedule this or if they will coordinate it for you. Please contact our office with any questions or to book your survey and/or move!

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Author: Samantha Barkley


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